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The “Better Business” publication of the exploration, drilling, and production industry, The American Oil & Gas Reporter is an independent industrial trade publication that also serves as the Official Publication for 28 associations of independent oil and gas producers and operators.

Business Intelligence
Information is at the core of every business process. Every transactional opportunity. Every operational success. It is the lifeblood of the modern oil and gas industry. That is why every issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter features in-depth market and financial analysis alongside the latest technological breakthroughs and field case studies. U.S. independent oil and gas producers count on “their” publication to deliver the intelligence they need to make informed business decisions and differentiate their strategies. They know AOGR not only will get the story, but it will get the story right, thanks to its relationships with more than two dozen regional and state independent producer/operator associations.

Technology Innovation
Recognizing that technology enables independents to transform business decisions into successful projects, AOGR’s monthly special reports cover all technical disciplines and upstream operating environments. Shaped by insights from industry thought leaders and technical societies, and delivered in the form of editorial contributions from expert guest authors, AOGR’s special reports translate the academic language and scientific concepts of technology innovation into business practices that readers can leverage to improve bottom-line performance!

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