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DCiii (DC3) provides the simplest, most reliable, complete solution for automating chemical injection systems.  By mimicking the human steps taken by field technicians, our proven methods have helped customers and chemical vendors realize full transparency, collaboration, and have saved substantial costs on both sides of the fence.  Our device gives 24/7 monitoring AND remote control to any existing non-smart system currently in-place, saving our customers time, money, and liability risk.  By providing immediate, clear, and useful data we have currently brought over 1,500 chemical injection systems into the modern world.”


Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service, provides unparalleled technical expertise and superior local service through the cost-effective application of customized specialty oilfield chemicals for the life of your well. But we don’t just provide oilfield chemicals. We provide an entire team of chemical consultants, singularly focused on getting you the right solution at the right time. As a Halliburton service, we can tailor an integrated approach to meet your needs from well design through production, so you get the most from your equipment and see the greatest return on your investments.


Schlumberger supplies the industry’s most comprehensive range of products and services, from exploration through production, and integrated pore-to-pipeline solutions that optimize hydrocarbon recovery to deliver reservoir performance sustainably.

Our integrated production chemical technologies and services provide tangible benefits and assurance to oil and gas operations worldwide, regardless of system complexity or geography.

Experienced specialists deliver targeted, integrated strategies that anticipate, address, and decisively remedy production issues in a complex and multifaceted international industry. We use production chemistry technologies—pioneering chemical and process solutions, equipment, and innovative digital offerings —aligned under PREVENT, PERFORM, and CURE segments.

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The Baker Hughes Oilfield Services (OFS) product company is committed to making energy safer, more efficient, and less carbon-intensive for people and the planet. Oilfield chemicals keep oil and gas production safely and cost-effectively flowing by helping protect capital assets, extending well life, and optimizing production. An integral part of an energy technology company with a long history of delivering innovative technology and services, OFS is ideally positioned to help operators find, develop, and produce hydrocarbons in the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable ways possible.


Today, as the energy transition commences and our focus expands to address drivers such as decarbonization, we remain keenly aware of the important role oil & gas will continue to play for the coming decades. Navigating the dual challenges of providing more than half the world’s energy mix while reducing, and eventually eliminating, carbon emissions will require our industry to operate more efficiently, with more predictable performance, than ever before, and Baker Hughes is ready.


Clariant Oil Services is the fastest growing supplier of specialty oilfield production chemicals and services to the oil and gas industry. Our product offerings have an impressive reach extending from Enhanced Oil Recovery, Offshore and Deep Water, Conventional and Unconventional Oil & Gas, Heavy Oil, Paraffin Control Technologies, Well Services Additives to VERITRAX™ our Digital end to end Supply Chain and delivery tool.


Our global presence provides a unique position from which to address and resolve customer challenges anywhere in the world. We use chemistry, systems and experts to understand our customers' needs, then create high-value, innovative solutions that help our customers win. We strive to develop and deliver the most economical solutions with an unwavering commitment to high standards for health, safety and the environment and work to implement your custom chemical program with the utmost respect to the workforce and community.


TXAM Pumps is a privately held chemical injection pump manufacturer located in North America. Since 1986, we have been an innovator in designing and manufacturing the most rugged and reliable chemical injection pumps in the industry. With an imaginative eye for the future TXAM has designed and field tested an unmatched pump control system for chemical injection. The pump control system can be installed on any solar, AC, or pneumatic driven chemical pump to increase efficiency. We didn't stop there! Our pump controller can be integrated with most devices utilizing 4-20mA, RS-232, Modbus or RS-485 connections and is easily installed with existing equipment (SCADA or PLC) as well as remote pump control and tank level monitoring both Cell Based and through SCADA or PLC.

Sirius Controls Logo.png

The oil and gas industry takes green house emissions and green energy very seriously. Sirius provides a range of products that help the Petroleum industry meet these challenges. Our chemical injection systems are designed not only to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, but also to reduce the risk of chemical spills, lessen disposal costs, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize the amount of chemical injected, thereby reducing our customer two largest expenses: manpower and chemical cost.

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Wellmark is a leading global provider of chemical injection pumps and automation.  Our innovative digital solutions provide the most cost-effective method to helping chemical companies and operators meet their operational goals.  Our automation can be monitored and controlled remotely via our proprietary Cloud platform, and integrate with most major SCADA systems to optimize asset performance.  Wellmark also provides multipoint injection systems with industry-leading automation, enabling operators to autonomously optimize injection while measuring every drop of dosed chemical.

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Locus Bio-Energy Solutions® (Locus BE) develops globally recognized biosurfactants with a near-zero carbon footprint that meet industry needs for sustainable, cost-effective and performance-enhancing oilfield technologies. Leveraging patented production methods, Locus BE provides low-CAPEX, green alternatives to traditional surfactants—at 1/50th of the dosage with 2-3x better ROI. The biodegradable treatments mobilize oil in even the smallest reservoir pores while exceeding ESG requirements. Their unique mechanisms of action provide unmatched functionality in boosting initial production (IP) and maintaining higher production rates of low-carbon barrels of oil to improve EUR and extend well life.

Integrity Bio-Chem logo.png

Founded in 2017, Integrity Bio-Chemicals (IBC) is a technology-driven company with a deep bench of industry experts producing next-generation modified biopolymers for the energy, mining, industrial, and household and personal care markets using renewable and sustainable practices. IBC is first-to-market with a new category of patent-pending, high-performance surfactants, created with natural sources and capable of faster production cycles at larger scales and lower costs. Our commitment to transparency and innovation brings world-class service to our customers worldwide.

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iTankData is the only tank monitoring company that can monitor any type of fluid, in any type of tank, anywhere in the world.  We also offer options for readouts at the tank and power control technology to manage your equipment remotely.  All our technology is affordable and easy to install.  We have a web portal, mobile app, alarms, and reports to provide any of the data you need, anywhere you need it.  If your ultimate goal is to digitize your entire portfolio of tanks, iTankData is your source.

Sunpumper Logo.png

Solar Injection Systems, established in 1992, manufactures and sells Sun Pumper solar powered chemical injection pumps. Our pumps have been used in tens of thousands of oilfield chemical applications such as corrosion inhibitors, foamers, and methanol. Our pumps are “solar sized” per your injection requirements in terms of injection rate and pressure for your applications any where in the world.

Graco Logo.jpg

For more than 90 years, Graco has provided customers with proven quality and leading technology. Our products move, measure, control, dispense, and apply a wide range of fluids used in exploration, production, processing, transportation and storage of oil and gas. 
The company’s success is built on its unwavering commitment to technical excellence, world-class manufacturing, and unparalleled customer service. Graco invests heavily in Research and Development, often at several times the rate of its peers, to develop cutting edge technologies that serve the markets of today while preparing for the needs of tomorrow. A world leader in fluid handling solutions, Graco’s new line of chemical injection pumps for the Oil & Natural Gas market is just one of the outcomes of this aggressive investment in technology. 


Flo-Rite Fluids - As the leader in the reduction and prevention of paraffin, scale and emulsion in the oil and water industry, Flo-Rite Fluid’s advanced prevention products and services can help your business. We have an established reputation for our technology, with proper application, controls the buildup of scale and paraffin.

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Lanxess draw on many years of technical, microbiological and regulatory experience. With application technology laboratories and regulatory experts in all regions, we are available locally to our customers with advice and assistance


Nouryon is a global specialty chemicals leader. We produce essential solutions that our customers use to manufacture everyday products needed for attractive and high-growth end-markets.


With our enduring commitment to the oilfield chemicals industry and our comprehensive understanding of its challenges, we offer a broad range of formulations and essential solutions to help companies like yours deliver on cost targets and overall performance.

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Pro-Ject Chemicals is an upstream production chemicals company that offers a full suite of products to solve everyday challenges with produced fluids. We are committed to bringing the newest technology to our partners regarding chemical and application technology.  In addition to our chemical portfolio, we also provide proprietary chemical application automation to drive our programs where it brings value to our clients.  Through use of the Ayreflo system coupled with the right chemistry we have been successful at reducing failures and significantly reducing hot oil expenses for many producers in the U.S.  We continue to invest in chemical and automation technology and are committed to bringing new ideas to the market.

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Established in 1999, Detechtion Technologies is a leader in real-time asset performance management solutions for Energy companies. Built on a foundation of subject matter expertise, digital twins, and data analytics, our solutions enable our customers to operate more sustainably, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. By utilizing Detechtion’s rapidly deployed cloud solutions to connect and manage tens of thousands of remote assets and processes across the globe, our customers save millions annually.


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