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Managing Director


Dr. Hongwei Wang is the Founder and Managing Director of HEMC LLC since 2021. He has over 25 years of experiences in the academia and oil and gas industry, covering research, technology, commercialization, production operations and maintenance, business strategy and planning in the areas of asset integrity management, process safety and sustainability. He worked at Ohio University and University of the Virginia from 1997 to 2003, and at Shell between 2003 to 2021. His education includes Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University and EMBA from Rice University.

In the chemical treatment area, Hongwei has enjoyed the development and deployment of innovative technologies, for example, new corrosion inhibitor development for the high temperature and high pressure subsea flowline, real time corrosion inhibitor availability monitoring in the subsea flowlines, and the evolving corporate digitalization solutions. In 2021 he led the successful revision of two legacy ASTM standards: G46 Examination and Evaluation of Pitting Corrosion, and G111 Corrosion Test under High Temperature or High Pressure or Both. Currently he is leading a new standard called SP21466 Materials Sustainability with Corrosion Management Framework at AMPP.

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